Situated in the rough climate of Suomenlinna, near by the hearth of Helsinki, the competition proposal '' Sydvest'' provides an concrete answer for a timeless and sustainable residential neighbourhood. Its selection for durable materials, low maintenance and overall high building quality proves its possibilities to stand solidly for over 100 years.
Jaakko Heikinheimo, Ark SAFA
Tommy Degerth, Ark SAFA
Albanor Krasniqi, Ark SAFA
Year: 2017
Competition proposal
View from the bridge
Sydvesti is a rain hat especially used by seafarers. The hat has a wide brim that continues longer on the back than on the front and sides. The invention got its name from the Scandinavian word for lunch. In Suomenlinna, the wind and the humidity it brings with it is the dominant factor in weather conditions. With the placement of building masses, material choices and roof shape, the proposal takes into account the aforementioned challenges. The residential buildings in the competition proposal have been placed on the plot with an urban approach, taking into account local values ​​and history. Sydvest is a modern interpretation of Suomenlinna's small-scale buildings. Inspired by the surrounding building stock, it sits naturally on its plot, humble but sure-footed. Sydvest's village-like milieu becomes lively with large common yards, agricultural plots and as an opportunity to hear the sailing club's news from above even more closely
Masterplan 1:500
Floorplans 1:200
View from the bridge
Flexibility while respecting tradition
The residential buildings opening to the sea continue the typology familiar to the people of Suomenlinna with their gabled roofs. You can admire the noise of the sea from the panoramic windows and the large common yards tell about what the locals value: community.
The breathability of the soles, the floor coverings throughout the house, and the direct connection from the kitchen to the terrace is the dream of everyone who longs for warmth and sun. The load-bearing structures of the apartments are placed in such a way that it is practically easy to design the apartments according to the needs of the residents. The lower and upper floors can easily be converted into independent apartments

The goal of use is at least 200 years
Sydvest is a long-term proposal for the active West Black Sea. Timeless architecture with a modern touch is a sure option for the people of Finland who value their living environment. Fast implementation methods (CLT) combined with an absolutely weatherproof outer shell is also an economical and fast implementation method.
Energy circulation plan and section 1:100