''Lusto'' is a proposal for the Guggenheim Helsinki Architecture competiton. With its 1715 proposals, it was the biggest competiton ever arranged. Situated in the hearth of Helsinki, the design of the museum is highly suitable for public use in- and outside of the main building. For its selection of durable materials, timeless design and overall intransigent building quality, ''Lusto'' is estimated to have a long durability.
Jaakko Heikinheimo, Ark SAFA
Tommy Degerth, Ark SAFA
Albanor Krasniqi, Ark SAFA​​​​​​​
Client: International Architeture competition
Year: 2014​​​​​​​
‘’{...} They have big things on mind concerning the Eteleäsa- tama area in Helsinki.
The plans were ordered straight from consult’s, from the best known offices in the world.
The renderings looks seductive but are these again just the new cloth’s of the emperator? The ideas for the bay have had such a big amount of critic that we need to think what kind of architecture can this historically precious place support’’.
-Ark 2/2008 Juha Ilonen
The scale of Helsinki is ideal, because the highest buildings sails away.
The idea of a loop comes from a circle-formed running court, where the terrain is orientating the runner, who can then focus purely to the substance.
In this round form museum the substance is art. An exhi- bition space is not the right place to navigate: the museum needs to lead the visitor towards a perfectly clear experience.
The form of a loop works also as a fence in the middle of a public space. The clear difference is however that the build- ing doesn’t cut the border lines. It is inviting the pedestrian to it’s public courtyard, where is also the access to the main entrance.
The proposal forms a clear contrast to the hight-rise Pal-
ace by Viljo Revell and Keijo Petäjä, which are indeed the pearls of the neighborhood. It is important to keep the views towards the sea by staying low.
The building respects it’s environment. It forms an interac- tive game with the nature but at the same time gives us some freshness towards a dynamic way of enjoying our city.