''Vedge'' is a research project of a fresh concept for a well needed wooden multi-storey building of seven floors, constructed mainly of CLT.
Jaakko Heikinheimo, Ark SAFA
Year: 2012
Vedge is a multistoreyhouse done fully wit a CLT construction.
It helds seven floors. With the help of its vedge mass it forms a multistorey house with a variety of very unic appartements as a all the floors are differents.
All the appartements of the building are fully handi- caped-friedly

Shortly about CLT
‘‘Stora Enso’s CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is a sol-
id wood construction product consisting of at least three bonded single-layer panels arranged at right angles to each other. From five layers, CLT can also include middle layers (transverse layers) without narrow side bonding. It currently measures up to 2.95 × 16 m.
CLT solid wood panels are made up of several layers and
are available in different panel thicknesses depending on structural requirements. The layers are bonded together using formaldehyde-free and environmentally-friendly adhesive which makes up less than 1% of the entire product.
CLT offers virtually boundless possibilities in terms of con- struction concept, style and architecture, and is fully compat- ible with other building materials. CLT is suitable for internal and external walls and for ceilings and roofs. The complete finished pre-cut CLT panels are delivered by truck directly
to your construction site, ready for fitting by a construction company.’’
-2013 by Stora Enso
Section S-41 1:50
5th floor's floorplan 1:50
Section of the balcony 1:20